SAD CHUDES® for foliage plants - 6 L

Product category: substrates

Active substance (-s): biohumus, transitional and lowland peat, agroperlite, river sand

Producer: TH Kisson

  • ensures the development of a strong root system of the plants;
  • promotes growth and flowering;
  • has good air and water permeability;
  • provides nutrients required for plants;
  • due to organic compounds, provides plants with nutrients for a
    long time;
  • contains biologically active compounds (auxins and heteroauxins);
  • is weed seeds, pests and pathogens free.
Sad Chudes® – is a series of nutrient substrates made on the basis of biohumus,a mix of transitional and lowland peat with addition of agroperlite, river sand,macro- and microfertilizers. Biohumus is a product of processing organic plantresidues by California worms. The composition of the mixture promotes plantdevelopment, enhances growth and flowering

for most species of ornamental and foliage plants such asaglaonema, alocasium, caladium, calathea, stromant, arrowroot,sa-govniki, monster, fatsia, difenbachia, crotons,philodendrons, ficus, palms and others. Designed for the seedssowing, cuttings rooting, seedlings planting and permanent plantcultivation.

provides active plant growth due to the content of biologically activesubstances in biohumus, enhances the growth of the vegetativesystem, activates photosynthesis, has a favorable structure for thedevelopment of the root system and provides plants with nutrients
1 biohumus, transitional andlowland peat, agroperlite, riversand 6.0-6.5