SAME TOI for rhododendrons - 40 L

Product category: substrates

Active substance (-s): peat mix, acidifier of natural origin, natural soil improvers, river sand

Producer: TH Kisson

  • improves seed germination, development of young plants and
    seedlings of acid-loving plants;
  • promotes the development of the root system;
  • provides nutrients required for certain species of acid-loving plants;
  • provides accelerated growth and development of plants;
  • is weed seeds, pests and pathogens free.

SAME TOI  is a series of nutrient substrates intended for growing acid-loving plants. LowpH, combined with high-quality components and special content of nutrients, requiredfor certain species of acid-loving plants, create close to ideal growing conditions andallow to get developed plants. The structure of the substrate has a high water and aircapacity and is characterized by good moisture absorption, which is important for mostplants.

for most species of rhododendrons grown in greenhouses andin the open ground and that require low pH.


creates optimal conditions for the development ofrhododendrons, prevents their death due to high pH levelof the soil, increases plant immunity and disease resistance,stimulates development of the root system,promotes complete development of the plant.
ComponentsNitrogen (NH4+NO3)Phosphorus (P2O3)Potassium (K2O)Trace elements рН
peat mix, acidifier ofnatural origin,
natural soilimprovers, river sand
100-120 160-180 160-180 MgO, S, Fe, B, Mn, Cu, Zn 5,0-5,5