Zimovit® - 0,5 l

Product category: insecticides

Active substance (-s): mineral oil, surfactant, sulfur, copper, zinc

Producer: TH Kisson


  • has a contact action;
  • protects crops and ornamental plants from a wide range of pests;
  • is a biological drug;
  • The drug is non-toxic for warm-blooded animals and does not cause resistance in pests.

Zimovit® – Mineral oil-based insecticide and acaricidal agent, which is used to treat garden trees and bushes to kill wintering stages of insects and mites. After treatment, the drug creates a film on the surface of the plant, disrupts the air-water balance of insects, which leads to the death of pests of their larvae. Insects do not develop resistance to the drug, which allows it to be used annually.

Purpose: for the destruction of scale insects, pseudoscale insects, whiteflies, leafworms, aphids, mealybugs, suckers, moths, various mites.

Efficiency: allows you to protect fruit, berry, citrus and ornamental crops from a wide range of pests.

Consumption rate and application scheme
Treatment periodConsumption rate
fall-spring 250 ml / 10 l water
summer 100 ml / 10 l water
Autumn spraying is carried out at a temperature not lower than +4°C, after the leaves fall.
Spring spraying  It is carried out once before the start of bud break at a temperature not lower than +4°C (treatment of swollen buds has the best effect).
Summer spraying  >
It is held twice at the beginning of the appearance of scale insects of the II and III generations (during July-August).
Active ingredients

Trace elements, g/l
mineral oil, surfactant, organic solvent 16 1,7 1.25